Vintage Picnic

When talking about “vintage” it always brings us the definition of high quality and lasting value. This is how we thought of putting up a vintage style picnic.

Fresh air, cutie pets, yummy food with wonderful friends in vintage fashion, wow, who can deny isn’t it a perfect outing in style!

Learn to make these fabulous vintage style garments from our Essential Pattern Making Technique and Tailoring course. Call now and discover more!


Making your own fashion diary

It’s natural that we need to share our thoughts and ideas every now and then. We talk to our family and friends yet sometimes we may prefer to keep a little secret with a silent friend – Diary.

Here’s a lovely way to create your own fashion diary. The art work are chosen from our Fashion Illustration class projects.

Wanna try it? Join the lesson and be proud to discover the wanders from your hands! And it definitely is a good idea of a happy surprising gift!



Making cloth is fun!

Banner 1 ‘Life is a party dress’ we love this saying by B.E. style – bestyleblogblog. So let’s Party!!

Suitable for both amateurs and business aimed future designers. Starting from the very beginner level with no pre-skill or experience required. Step by step experience this fun and exciting “Party”! You will be amazed by yourself how talented you are and beautiful clothes you can make!

Available in both morning and evening class.

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A Petite Fashion Story

Express your lifestyle with fashion art.

Fashion is art but also beyond the art. It’s all around our everyday life. Clothing is no more only the fabrics covering body but a kind of style to express the personality and mood. Here’s the peek of a lifestyle theme prêt-àporter (ready-to-wear) collection.

“Pretty Woman” with her story.

*** Home Alone Reading *** Hi-tea Happy Hour *** Park Fun-time *** Bike Shopping *** Horse Racing Day *** Photography Studio ***

The Art of Simplicity

“Simple is more” we heard this saying and when we tried this theory on fashion, Voila, it works!

Simple white dress with long floating strings big back waist bow seems so dreamy! Fabric we choose creamy white silk with silk organza as top skirt layer.

Must have for a romantic rendezvous!

Little White Dress


Walking the Path

Life is full of choices. Choosing the right path sometimes seems so challenging. Well, it seems less complicated when it comes to fashion model walk.

No matter it’s a ready-to-wear street fashion shooting or a runway fashion show, these lovely girls always walk with a cheerful elegant adorable spirit. But don’t forget the hard workout they put great efforts in order to keep the perfect shape!

Yeah, finally we have to admit nothing comes so easily. Mais, C’est la vie!